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Average Concrete Cost


Before starting any major construction work, it is necessary to get into the details of the project to understand the cost being incurred due to various elements.  Usually, the concrete cost cannot be planned on the design board. The costs are different across geographies as well as vary with seasons. The going rates of labor and materials affect the cost and hence in case of major projects it's important to consult the experts in the construction field for their opinion on the current concrete cost. It is suggested to compare it with major contractors and hence baseline the cost of the concrete and other materials.


Concrete cost will take the bulk of you cost in any building project.  An average concrete cost is $70/cubic yard currently. This number offers a good chance to understand what all aspects of concrete cost are going to result in this total. If one has a clear idea of the materials being used in the composition of concrete he can easily find the entire concrete cost by measure the work area to be developed with square footage. The building contractors of the area will tell you about the materials that you need as well as their cost. After this, it is a matter to calculate the concrete cost by using the simple mathematics.

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Following are the two important aspects, which determine the cost of concrete:


Grading: Before starting any work, you are required to make sure the specific area where you want to plan the work and pour the concrete. This means grading the certain area. The requirement of this point varies, depending on your work area and also according to your project. It is important to set the things right beforehand as once poured the concrete shape can not be changed. Next step that is involved in the project is lay foundation.  The large project that is required to put a base or foundation with concrete must consider grade of the concrete to determine the right concrete cost.


Labor Material: The labor material cost is another factor, which determines the concrete cost. In order to guarantee the durability of new concrete projects, it is necessary to install few reinforcements later that are required to stop the damage and cracking when your concrete is exposed to the weather. Plastic mesh, wire mesh and steel rebar are such materials that are normally used in the projects that cost about 10 cents/SF.


If you want to do further good work and wants more decorative concrete work then you may includes coloring, stamping and a lot of detailed finishing works, besides to extra amount for these services. Michelle Pelletier, with the help of Professor Arijit Bose created concrete mixture that was developed with micro encapsulated healing agent.  The capsules released and ruptured and agent at the certain area when the cracks formed into the concrete. The sodium silicate takes reaction with calcium hydroxide that was already there in the concrete. As a result it created calcium silica hydrate that fill the concrete pores and healed the crakes. This calcium silica hydrate hardened with in one week. Pelletier's concrete that was checked at the point of breaking, it make certain to recover 26 percent of original strength. While conventional concrete just recovers 10 percent only.


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