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Know How Much Stamped Concrete Cost


Stamped concrete floors are quite eye-catching. Although they are commonly found in commercial establishments, more and more homeowners are embracing stamped concrete in their driveways, paths, patios and also interior floors. One big thing about them is that you can have any pattern, texture or color of your wish inscribed. Perhaps, the reason why people have been shying away from the trend is because of the cost factor. However, this is not necessarily the case. You can have a decent stamped concrete laid in your home without costing you much.


If you have been thinking stamped concrete cost is unbearable to your budget, then you need to change your mind. Having your driveway, parking lot, paths, patios or even the floor of your living room carpeted with a stamped concrete is not way out of your reach as you may suppose. There is an approach you can take to ensure a minimal stamped concrete cost without compromising on the quality of the project. Here are the things to start with.


First, you need to be aware of the available options in stamped concrete construction. If the space to be covered is huge, you may opt to hire an independent surveyor to estimate the total stamped concrete cost, but if you only need to cover a few square feet, then a surveyor may not be worth it. The reason behind getting a prior cost estimation is to enable you look for the best deals while hiring a constructor or a contractor. Remember contractors can be quite harsh when it comes to quoting for clients who are unaware of the cost estimates of their projects. Therefore, hinting the amount you have budgeted to the contractor or construction expert can get him do the work affordably than when you are clueless.


If your project is small, you can do the estimation on your own. Measure the space to be covered with the stamped concrete. Using the approved ratios of sand, gravel and cement in your locality find out the total amount of materials that will be used in the project. Ask the prices of those materials from the nearby construction retail stores and get construction quotes from different contractors. Pick the best rates and work out the grand total composing material cost, labor and logistical costs. Thereafter you can choose to hire a constructor directly or a contractor. Depending on the agreement, a contractor may buy construction materials on his own, or have you buy them. Weigh up the options and see which way to go in order to keep the stamp concrete cost down.


One of the things you should keep your eyes on is the quality of work being delivered. If you are the one buying the materials, make sure they are of good quality and are approved by the authorities; the same case with hiring of construction professionals. There are different designs you can have incorporated in the stamped concrete floors. You can use cobblestones, pavers, seashells or pure concrete surface with elegant pigmentation.


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